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Can you arrange for transfers from Montego Bay and Kingston airports?


Yes. We can recommend local drivers who will collect you from the airport. The cost is around $JA 5000 (approx £40.00) per trip.



What are the options for getting around?


This depends on how much travelling you plan to do.  Renting a car is one option. Driving in Jamaica is not as daunting as some people claim. It is the best way to see the island and to visit friends and family.


Local route taxis are the way most local people get around. They operate on fixed routes and cost around 75p per person per ride. Route taxis pass by the end of the Echoes Jamaica driveway to take you into Ocho Rios.


Route taxis and mini buses can be hired privately with their drivers at reasonable rates. Ideal for trips to the supermarket, trip to the beach with later pick up, and for trips further afield. We can recommend local drivers.



Can electrical items/gadgets be used?


Echoes Jamaica has dual voltage electricity in all rooms so UK gadgets/items can be used.



How far away is the sea?


Echoes Jamaica is situated about half a mile inland. There are beaches in Ocho Rios (4 miles away) and other nearby places.



What sort of local shops and facilities are there?


Ocho Rios has a range of supermarkets, shops, souvenir stalls, bars, restaurants and food establishments. A bar/shop opposite the Echoes Jamaica driveway sells soft drinks and beer. many establishments will accept payment by credit card.



Are mosquitoes a problem?


They can be an irritant. Aerosols and sprays are generally fairly effective, (local brands are best). Echoes Jamaica has mosquito grills on its windows. Anti-mosquito candles,  mosquito coils and devices that emit a mosquito deterring sound (inaudible to us) are available for during the night.



Must we decide in advance if we want self catering or meals provided?


No, you can decide during the course of your stay.

IWhat currency is it best to take?

Jamaica's currency is the Jamaican dollar, however, many shops, restaurants and attractions in tourist areas give prices in US dollars. In some cases (generally restaurants) prices can be converted into Jamaican dollars but the exchange rate is generally poor. There are several 'Gambio' establishments in Ocho Rios providing  favourable exchange rates for both Jamaican and US dollars. ATMs are widely available and will often ask if you want Jamaican or US dollars.

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